Going GAGA for Geiger – 25% off!

20 Apr

As if we shopaholics needed another excuse to purchase shoes…. not that I’m complaining!

Grazia are kindly offering its readers 25% off at Kurt Geiger both in-store and online HERE.

This means that I can now vaguely consider buying the GAGA shoes I fell in love with at Westfield, London, a couple of weeks ago!

25% off the £120 price tag means they are now, a slightly more reasonable, £90. But which colour to choose? And do I REALLY need them?!

The cream would fill a gap in my shoe collection (I need some neutrals!), could be worn with black tights and are gorgeous for Spring/Summer, but the cream suede platform makes me think, one wrong step and they’d be RUINED, and we do live in rainy England!

The Navy are a bit more ‘safe’, but are they too similar to the ten black pairs of heels I own? They do look fabulous with jeans though, and a dirty puddle would affect the navy suede less! Down side… black tights would not work as well with these… or would they?

What do you reckon? I could really do with some advice! And are you going to be buying anything with the 25% off discount?


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