The X-Factor Style-Off Begins!

14 Jun

Well it’s that time of the year again… the X-Factor auditions and the build up to the style-off of the year. My favourite part of The X-Factor was the moment the judges stepped on stage and we ooh-ed and aah-ed about what Cheryl and Dannii were wearing. Now we’ve got new judges, I wasn’t sure what to expect! But I haven’t been let down, check out this amazing outfit from the lovely Kelly Rowland (my favourite Destiny’s Child member I must add!).


She dresses up a reasonably casual t-shirt and skirt look with a saffron blazer (which compliments her colouring) and killer quirky shoe boots. And is that a McQueen clutch I see? (Do correct me if I’m wrong!) I’m not sure about the sunnies, but overall she looks fab! Totally stylish without overdoing it.

Now there’s Tulisa, and to be honest, I REALLY wasn’t sure what to expect. She’s not exactly known for her style, even though several magazines I’ve read try to portray her as fashion forward. I can’t help but think of her N-Dubz trackies and one shoulder mini dresses, but I am willing to give her a chance (I mean do you remember what Cheryl used to wear pre-X-Factor?!). So here it is:


I knew she was going to face the Cheryl comparisons, but she’s done a great job avoiding these with her outfit choice. Yes Cheryl has worn white, and yes, she has worn red lipstick, but which woman hasn’t? Comparing Tulisa to Chezza for those reasons is absolutely ridiculous *cough*Daily Mail*cough*.

I actually really like the styling, the hair and make up along with the playsuit and red heels give the look a real retro vibe, stepping away from her N-Dubz image. One thing I have to pick on… where is the handbag? Without it, for me the outfit feels incomplete. A nice clutch (I’d have gone with patent indigo blue…) would have gone beautifully, and broken up the ‘matchy matchy-ness’ of the outfit.

This time around Kelly wins it for me (I’m a sucker for a good blazer), which look do you prefer?


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