16 Jun

Sephora is one of my favourite beauty shops but alas is no longer in the UK. So when I came across one in Union Square (Manhattan), I rushed straight in! I absolutely love their eyeliners which come in every colour you could ever need.

I honestly couldn’t decide which one I wanted, and it all got very complicated when they had about 16 different types of eyeliner as well!

So I created this piece of art whilst testing out all the colours/types I liked:

And I whittled it down to six (I had to stock up until my next visit to the States obviously!)

Not the best photo but you get the idea!

And swatches:

Top to bottom:

Crayon Jumbo 12HR wear in 09 Kaki – lovely creamy crayon which smudges on beautifully (not impressed with the American spelling of khaki though!).

Long-lasting Eyeliner in Glitter Kaki – subtle glitter liquid liner but the glitter doesn’t show up much in this photo 😦

Retractable Eyeliner in 16 Teal – fab waterproof eyeliner, comes with smudger but is really soft as it is.

Liner Electro in 06 Electro Marine – this is a bit harder and more of a pencil rather than my usual kohl, but I loved the colour.

Nano Eye Pencil in 17 Lagoon – this metallic blue is gorgeous, and the pencil is really soft and easy to apply.

Retractable Eyeliner in 19 Shimmer Navy – (as above – teal)

Prices vary from $8-$12 (much cheaper than MAC, my usual eyeliner haunt).

And I’ve already tried out a couple of looks:

Here I used the two khaki liners to create a metallic smokey eye look which I love! For the day I just used the kaki crayon along the lash line, smudging it with a bit of black eyeliner and in the evening added a line of the glitter liquid liner under my eye and on the lid too. It was pretty and dark at the same time!

I also attended a wedding last weekend and the Nano in Lagoon matched my sari perfectly:

I do apologise for the scarily intense glare…! I teamed the lovely liner with Barry M’s Dazzle Dust on the lid (it’s a blue-y teal colour… but the product number has rubbed off! I’ll try and track it down and edit this ASAP). I used my E.L.F. black gel liner, YSL Faux Cils mascara and E.L.F. fake lashes to finish the look.

I also splashed out on a few new ‘professional’ brushes (eeee!):

I bought (top to bottom) rounded smudger, smudge and all over shadow. They were $15 each but well worth it with the amount of smudging/blending I get up to these days! The brushes are really soft to the touch, but just the right hardness for a good smudging. The all over shadow brush is pretty massive, but really good for applying even eyeshadow.

How I wish Sephora would return to the UK… but I guess my bank account is much better off without it! Have you got any Sephora favourites? Are you an eyeliner fiend like myself? I’d love to know!


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