7 Jul

Like most girls, I have a slight obsession with all that glitters… whether it’s sequins, diamonds I can’t afford or the latest Barry M fine glitter dust.

So when I was away in New York I thought I’d take advantage of the reduced NYX prices in Urban Outfitters and bought TWO Glitter Cream Palettes (or GCP’s to you NYX lovers) as I’d been eyeing them up for a while.

I got them for a bargainous $6 each (£4) whereas in the UK they retail at around £8 and I was blown away by the choice of colours:

In the end I chose Royal Violets and Ocean Breeze. I got to fully test out these lovelies at Glastonbury Festival and boy did I love them!

The fact that they are a glitter cream means it’s incredibly easy to apply with no chance of fall out or spillage. The colours are absolutely gorgeous, and the combinations compliment each other beautifully. When wearing Ocean Breeze I go for a darker blue glitter on my lid and then a light blue one along my lower lashline, which really opens up the eye.

Swatched L – R as above. Royal Violets light purple across to silver, and Ocean Breeze light silvery blue to turquoise:

(Sorry about the photo quality, it would appear my camera doesn’t like glitter as much as I do!)

The glitter does go on in a ‘lighter’ fashion than others I’ve tried, so you get a softer look. I used the gold from Royal Violets all over my eye area (and well on to my cheeks, brow bone, etc.!) when I was Wonder Woman and it worked in just the way I hoped. I would say if you are wanting more of a striking glitter, this isn’t the best one to use, as layering it up doesn’t work too well. Also these only work a few times before ‘losing their sparkle’. After five days at Glasto, which to be fair involves quite a bit of glitter, there wasn’t too much left.

So because of it’s short life span, I’m not sure whether they are worth £8. However, some of the palettes have been reduced to £4 in the UK Urban Outfitters Sale – find them here! And to really get your money’s worth I’d recommend going all out and getting the GCCP – GIGANTIC Glitter Cream Palette (£18) – so much glitter, so litte time!

What are your favourite glitter products? I’m still a sucker for my Barry M fine glitter dust combined with a bit of Vaseline on the eyelid! Also this is my first time trying out NYX, so I’d been keen to know your NYX favourites.

LDNshopaholic xxx

p.s. I also mention the palettes in my latest vlog:

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