A Style all her Own

24 Jul

I was deeply saddened to hear the news of Amy Winehouse’s death. Such a loss of life and talent. She had a unique voice and an equally unique sense of style.

Almost unrecognisable in the early days. The hoop earrings, red lips and eyeliner flicks became part of her permanent look:

My favourite Amy outfit – at The Brits in 2007. What a dress (yes, it’s Preen!), and although slim I think her figure looks fabulous. I’m loving the quirky red accessories to match her lippie.

Amy pioneered the head scarf look which has become much more mainstream in previous years. I know I’ll think of Amy whenever I put a headscarf on…

I also love the gold necklace/belt here combined with the quirky polka dot braces. Her white vest top and on show bra-strap also became part of her staple look. I know her look isn’t for everyone, but I personally love her confidence in the way she dressed. She wasn’t bothered about what people said about her, she was just her.

Although she was a provocative dresser, it seemed obvious to me that she dressed for herself and no-one else.

Even as a curvier girl she wasn’t afraid to show off her figure (LOVE the dress – so sexy!):

And who can forget THAT hair:

Her oversized black beehive was a style statement and a half. It was became synonymous with her, and created an unforgettable, caricature-like, image.

R.I.P. Amy… you will live on through your timeless music.


2 Responses to “A Style all her Own”

  1. shoshana August 15, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    I wanted to tell you when I saw you the last couple of times that this was a really nice blog entry, but I always forget, or run out of time with you!

    Its really, really nice to see you blogging about Amy as a style icon, because she was one, but I think we do tend to forget that seeing as she was such an amazing singer, songwriter and performer… talented in so many ways she shared with the world, and probably had a lot more that the world didn’t get to see. All those other incredible talents, and yet you’re right: she had a unique, confident, innovative style, we should remember and admire.

    It is really sad she is no longer with us, but she will be remembered forever.

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