Tights Tights Tights!

25 Oct

After being away in the sun for nearly two months now I’ve actually managed to get myself a bit of a tan which is rather exciting! I can usually get away with wearing the ‘Natural Tan’ tights from Marks and Spencer… but on my return, these looked a little pasty on my tanned legs!

So with this predicament in mind, I decided to find my perfect pair of skin coloured tights, particularly as Winter looms.After looking in several shops, I decided I’d have to go online and headed to Tights, Tights, Tights.

They actually have a separate tab for Darker Skin Tones and there’s a really good selection. However, it is difficult to tell which shade is going to suit you on the website so I just went all out (as I do!) and bought 6 different pairs using the free postage when you spend £20 option.

Top Row (L-R) Pretty Polly Naturals 8 Dernier in Slightly Sunkissed (£5), Pendeza Tone 10 15 Dernier (£5.49), Pretty Polly Simply Sheer in Sherry (£8 for 2 Pairs)

Bottom Row (L-R) All Gipsy Sheer Smooth Knit (£1.30) in Mink, Amber and Seigle.

As you can see I got quite an extensive range, and I’m glad I did as four out of six were right for me at various points during my tan and the Amber is just the right colour to give me nicely tanned legs all year round 😉

The Pretty Polly’s are much nicer and have the secret slimmer panels in them but I really liked the Gipsy ones for the price and the variety of shades. I’d generally choose the Pretty Polly’s for a night out and Gipsy for day wear (you don’t feel guilty for getting a ladder in them!).

The delivery time from Tights, Tights, Tights was excellent (first class postage) and I’ll definitely be using them again. They’ve just introduced an open toe pair of Pretty Polly‘s in a variety of shades which I’ll be trying out next!

Where do you buy your tights?

LDNshopaholic xxx


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