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Event: Oxfam’s Rumble in the Jumble

24 Feb

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Out of my wardrobe it’s my charity shop finds that are my favourite; you get to help a good cause whilst giving a fabulous piece of clothing a new home!

So when I heard about Oxfam’s Rumble in the Jumble sale, I was stupidly excited… it’s happening this Sunday (26th February 2012) at St Pancras Old Church, Pancras Road, London NW1 1UL (nearest tube is Kings Cross) from 6pm-9pm, all in aid of Women’s Day.

It will cost you £2 and a bag (big or small) of jumble to attend and it’s supported by several fabulous celebrities including Dawn Porter, Cherry Healey, Sara Cox, Grace Woodward and more!

I’m really gutted as after finding out the date, I realised I’m actually away in Birmingham on Sunday, but I thought I’d encourage all you lovely people to go along and get yourself some gems whilst getting together with some fellow fashion lovers and do gooders. You can find more details on Dawn Porter’s lovely blog here.

Instead I’ll be aiming to put together my own Rumble in the Jumble in aid of Oxfam with friends, bloggers and whoever else would like to join?  Where everyone brings clothes they no longer wear and we have a big swap/sale and raise money for charity. If this is something you’d be interested in… tweet me, leave me a comment or e-mail me at

Would love to hear all about it from anyone who does attend!

LDNshopaholic xxx

Bonjour Paris

23 Feb

So here are some VERY belated photos from my trip to Paris the week before Christmas (better late than never right?!). We stayed very near the department store Galeries Lafayette, where they had a huge Christmas tree hanging in their beautiful domed ceiling for the Festive season. In their gift section, I discovered the biggest jar of Nutella…. I really wanted it but I decided there wasn’t enough room in my suitcase (sad times)! Outside there was a street pianist, with a proper piano! The music was beautiful and really set the scene.

We did all the sights, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre… and the pastry shops and the vintage shops! Thanks for the recommendations you sent me on Twitter, I was blown away by the vintage Chanel and Hermés at Didier Ludot:

Paris Outfit of the Day:

Coat: Miss Selfridge

Jeans: Leigh from Topshop

Bag: Mulberry Bayswater

Scarf: H&M

Gloves: Mulberry

Tiger Print Studded Cardigan: Topshop

 I was generally being quite controlled with shopping during my trip, but it all went a bit pear-shaped on entry to Sephora… details in the haul video below!

We watched Amelié whilst we were there, but didn’t get a chance to visit Montmatre (where the film is set) so I’d love to go back when it’s a bit warmer to visit.

Have you had the chance to visit la belle Paris? What are your favourite Paris haunts/shops?

LDNshopaholic xxx

p.s. if you enjoyed this post you will most probably love this post by Becky from Life Style Flash about her recent trip to Paris 🙂

Chilling in my Docs

5 Feb

Red Bobble Hat: Primark

Check Scarf: TK Maxx

Grey Mixed Knit Jumper: H&M

Navy Leigh Jeans: Topshop

Parka: H&M

BIG Leather Bag: All Saints

Socks: Primark

Gloves: Mulberry

Boots: Doc Martens from Office

Nails: It’s Time to Rock by Sephora

So here’s a look from Friday before it snowed, it was still freezing cold so I had piled on the layers for a very casual day at work. I’m still breaking in my Doc Martens, which I do love so much. They are incredibly comfy and supportive at the same time! Wearing them with big snuggly socks makes me happy.

I didn’t realize quite how coordinated I was until I got to work and noticed all the red and maroon but think it somehow worked. I’m seriously obsessed with my new(ish) bag from All Saints, which is so huge I can store everything I could every need in it. I’m a big bag lady and proud!

To everyone who’s had some, I hope you enjoyed the snow. I kind of wish I’d done a snowy OOTD but it was just too cold and I had a massive duvet day instead!

LDNshopaholic xxx