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Review: E.L.F. Brushes

18 Aug

E.L.F. were having a 50% off sale quite recently so I decided to try a few more bits from their range since my sucessful E.L.F. haul.

I’ve heard quite a lot about stipple brushes, so thought it was about time I got one so I bought the Studio stipple brush (usually £3.50).

This is quite a fine brush rather than an HD application brush like the MAC or Sigma dual fibre brushes. I have quite a heavy hand so fid this brush really helpful when it comes to applying  strong cheek colours. I’d definitely recommend it for use with cream blush – how I’ve been mainly using it.

Then I decided to get a cheap-ish brush set for my travels:

They are actually incredibly soft and much better quality than I was expecting. The wooden handles are upmarket and I love the simple design.

The complexion brush is very full and great for applying powder. I was equally impressed with the concealer and eyeshadow brushes which are great applicators and could be used in a variety of ways. The brow and eyelash comb are nothing to write home about but do what they’re meant to. The eyeliner brush however does not do its job well at all, the soft bristles mean it’s impossible to get a thin line or maintain control over a liner. So I’m not too sure how exactly I’m going to use this brush!

I’m not sure I’d pay full price (£20) for these but for a tenner, think they are pretty good.

I also bought five nail varnishes (£1.50 each) which I featured in my Accent Nail post. Good news, 7 days in and I’m still chip free!

Did you buy anything in the 50% off sale?

LDNshopaholic xxx

p.s. This is a scheduled post as I’m currently away travelling. I will do my best to reply to comments when I can.


16 Jun

Sephora is one of my favourite beauty shops but alas is no longer in the UK. So when I came across one in Union Square (Manhattan), I rushed straight in! I absolutely love their eyeliners which come in every colour you could ever need.

I honestly couldn’t decide which one I wanted, and it all got very complicated when they had about 16 different types of eyeliner as well!

So I created this piece of art whilst testing out all the colours/types I liked:

And I whittled it down to six (I had to stock up until my next visit to the States obviously!)

Not the best photo but you get the idea!

And swatches:

Top to bottom:

Crayon Jumbo 12HR wear in 09 Kaki – lovely creamy crayon which smudges on beautifully (not impressed with the American spelling of khaki though!).

Long-lasting Eyeliner in Glitter Kaki – subtle glitter liquid liner but the glitter doesn’t show up much in this photo 😦

Retractable Eyeliner in 16 Teal – fab waterproof eyeliner, comes with smudger but is really soft as it is.

Liner Electro in 06 Electro Marine – this is a bit harder and more of a pencil rather than my usual kohl, but I loved the colour.

Nano Eye Pencil in 17 Lagoon – this metallic blue is gorgeous, and the pencil is really soft and easy to apply.

Retractable Eyeliner in 19 Shimmer Navy – (as above – teal)

Prices vary from $8-$12 (much cheaper than MAC, my usual eyeliner haunt).

And I’ve already tried out a couple of looks:

Here I used the two khaki liners to create a metallic smokey eye look which I love! For the day I just used the kaki crayon along the lash line, smudging it with a bit of black eyeliner and in the evening added a line of the glitter liquid liner under my eye and on the lid too. It was pretty and dark at the same time!

I also attended a wedding last weekend and the Nano in Lagoon matched my sari perfectly:

I do apologise for the scarily intense glare…! I teamed the lovely liner with Barry M’s Dazzle Dust on the lid (it’s a blue-y teal colour… but the product number has rubbed off! I’ll try and track it down and edit this ASAP). I used my E.L.F. black gel liner, YSL Faux Cils mascara and E.L.F. fake lashes to finish the look.

I also splashed out on a few new ‘professional’ brushes (eeee!):

I bought (top to bottom) rounded smudger, smudge and all over shadow. They were $15 each but well worth it with the amount of smudging/blending I get up to these days! The brushes are really soft to the touch, but just the right hardness for a good smudging. The all over shadow brush is pretty massive, but really good for applying even eyeshadow.

How I wish Sephora would return to the UK… but I guess my bank account is much better off without it! Have you got any Sephora favourites? Are you an eyeliner fiend like myself? I’d love to know!

E.L.F. Haul!

26 May

This week it’s about my E.L.F. haul!!! And a haul it truly is:

I was SO excited when the parcel arrived and I just couldn’t believe the price I’d got all these goodies for: just £33.81!!!!

To break it down I got:

Concealer Warm Concealer (for medium skin and neutral undertones)
Studio Pigment Eyeshadow NEW – Magical Maroon
Cream Eyeliner Black – Brush Included
Blush Rose
Studio Makeup Mist & Set Studio Makeup Mist & Set
Foundation x 2 Warm Foundation (for medium skin and neutral undertones)
High Definition Powder HD Powder
All Over Color Stick Pink Lemonade
Mineral Booster Large-Sheer (Weight: 17.8g)
Complete Coverage Concealer Medium
False Lashes x 3 Dramatic Lash Kit

Unbelievable eh? I discovered the brand (it stands for Eyes Lips Face) via Twitter and someone (unfortunately I can’t remember who and Twitter won’t find the tweet!) gave me an amazing  25% discount. It’s incredibly cheap anywhoo with products starting at just £1.50. I just thought this was WAY too good to be true and HAD to try it out.

My favourite foundation which I’ve used for about two years now is Bare Minerals, but at £23 per 8g pot, it’s a bit of a splurge. But E.L.F. do their mineral make up for only £3.50 for just under 3g, so it just made sense to get some!

I went all out and bought the foundation, concealer, blusher and booster, which came to a bargainous £11.64.

Having tested them all out for over a week or so now, I honestly can’t tell the difference. I was impressed with the simple but effective packaging and couldn’t believe the amount of booster (18g) you get for just £5 (at Bare Minerals it’s £20 for 9g!).

They also have a ‘studio’ range for professional products which are a little bit more expensive with products starting at £3.50 (still unbelievably cheap in my eyes!).

My favourite product has to be the Cream Eyeliner (£3.50). I’m generally quite awful at applying liquid liner, but this creamy liner went on beautifully with the brush they provided. I got so many compliments from people asking me what I’d done differently.

I also loved the Pigment Eyeshadow (£3.50) which also comes with a really good brush. It can be a bit messy applying it as it’s a loose shadow, but it goes on very nicely and you can intensify the colour by adding several layers of pigment. I bought it in Magical Maroon but would’ve gone for the Naughty Noir, if I didn’t already have about ten metallic grey/black eyeshadows!

The Mist and Set Spray (£3.50) is really refreshing and has a lovely soft scent to it. It also felt much better on my skin than hairspray, which is what I usually use!!! My make up felt like it was sealed and lasted much longer (though I haven’t tested it on a full on night out yet). As I’ve been mainly using the Mineral Booster, I haven’t had a chance to test the High Definition Powder (£6) yet, I probably shouldn’t have bought two finishing powders at once!
Yet another favourite (am I allowed another one?!) is the Complete Coverage Concealer (£3.50):

As I tan quite easily I find it really difficult to keep track of the right bits of make up for my varying shades. This concealer has four shades in it which can be mixed/applied as necessary. And to think I was considering buying Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage Concealer at £26!!!

I also went a bit loopy buying 3 pairs of Eyelashes (£1.50 each) as I always lose them after one wear. Much cheaper than the £6-7 you usually spend on a pair of lashes these days! They’re quite natural looking which I prefer to the obvious falsh-lash look.

All in all it was complete success 🙂 and I will be recommending E.L.F. to everyone! Have you tried any E.L.F. products? What would you recommend?

I’m off for a night out this weekend so will put the Set and Mist Spray and HD Powder through rigorous testing and report back 😉 xxx