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Event: Taste of London

23 Jun

Yesterday evening I went along to the Food Festival: Taste of London. It was my first visit so I had no idea what to expect, however it turned out to be a lot more like a proper festival, including portaloos and mud too! However, as this was all taking place in Regent’s Park rather than a farm in the South West, it was posh portaloos (with toilet paper, soap and hand towels) and carpeted pathways for the ladies in their heels.

The highlight of the evening had to be watching Michel Roux Junior demonstrating how to make croutons along with burning my tongue on some extreme Chilli Chocolate from the South Devon Chilli Farm stand.

With my Crowns (the local currency 2 crowns: £1) I purchased Courgette Flowers from Opera Tavern, Massaman Curry from Suda Thai and Oxcheek and Mash from The Hind’s Head. I also had the most delicious chocolate ice cream ever from Purbeck Ice Cream.

Michel Roux Junior and Chef Chris from Le Gavroche

Thai Junk Food

Pretty Meringues

A bit of drizzle… and a rainbow

And not to forget my OOTD:

Leather Jacket: Zara (Summer 2012)

Speckled Grey Jumper: Urban Outfitters (Summer 2012)

Peach trousers: Zara (Summer 2012)

Watercolour Effect Scarf: Topshop (Summer 2011)

Muddy Black and White Bow Shoes: Dune (Summer 2010)

Leather and Suede Handbag: Zara (Summer 2012)

Other highlights included: a yummy strawberry and clotted cream scone from West Country Cream Teas, beer tasting with Innis and Gunn Brewing Company, getting merry on Rekordelig Wild Berries, munching on Boxerchips and frequent visits to the Lindt stand for unlimited amounts of chocolate. Wow did I eat a lot!

Taste of London is on tonight (5.30pm-9.30pm) and tomorrow (12pm-5pm) and tickets are available to buy on the door at £28 per person, you can also purchase tickets on their website here. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re a foodie like me!


7 Jul

Like most girls, I have a slight obsession with all that glitters… whether it’s sequins, diamonds I can’t afford or the latest Barry M fine glitter dust.

So when I was away in New York I thought I’d take advantage of the reduced NYX prices in Urban Outfitters and bought TWO Glitter Cream Palettes (or GCP’s to you NYX lovers) as I’d been eyeing them up for a while.

I got them for a bargainous $6 each (£4) whereas in the UK they retail at around £8 and I was blown away by the choice of colours:

In the end I chose Royal Violets and Ocean Breeze. I got to fully test out these lovelies at Glastonbury Festival and boy did I love them!

The fact that they are a glitter cream means it’s incredibly easy to apply with no chance of fall out or spillage. The colours are absolutely gorgeous, and the combinations compliment each other beautifully. When wearing Ocean Breeze I go for a darker blue glitter on my lid and then a light blue one along my lower lashline, which really opens up the eye.

Swatched L – R as above. Royal Violets light purple across to silver, and Ocean Breeze light silvery blue to turquoise:

(Sorry about the photo quality, it would appear my camera doesn’t like glitter as much as I do!)

The glitter does go on in a ‘lighter’ fashion than others I’ve tried, so you get a softer look. I used the gold from Royal Violets all over my eye area (and well on to my cheeks, brow bone, etc.!) when I was Wonder Woman and it worked in just the way I hoped. I would say if you are wanting more of a striking glitter, this isn’t the best one to use, as layering it up doesn’t work too well. Also these only work a few times before ‘losing their sparkle’. After five days at Glasto, which to be fair involves quite a bit of glitter, there wasn’t too much left.

So because of it’s short life span, I’m not sure whether they are worth £8. However, some of the palettes have been reduced to £4 in the UK Urban Outfitters Sale – find them here! And to really get your money’s worth I’d recommend going all out and getting the GCCP – GIGANTIC Glitter Cream Palette (£18) – so much glitter, so litte time!

What are your favourite glitter products? I’m still a sucker for my Barry M fine glitter dust combined with a bit of Vaseline on the eyelid! Also this is my first time trying out NYX, so I’d been keen to know your NYX favourites.

LDNshopaholic xxx

p.s. I also mention the palettes in my latest vlog:


1 Jul

As some of you may know, I went off to Glastonbury last week so I thought I’d share some photos and festival tips with you all.

We camped in Oxylers, near the Other Stage so we could hear bands performing from camp with was fab :-). It’s awesome to get to know those camping around you, and generally sit on out camp chairs and have a good old chat or drinking game! Try to find a spot not too close to a mud path, as there’s a high chance of getting a flooded tent. Also lookout for markers such as flags near you camp so you can find it easily at night time. It’s convenient to be near toilets, but sometimes it’s not worth the smell, so be aware of this as it only gets worse as the days go on!

Our Campsite - Oxylers

The shopping experience at Glasto is like no other, there are quirky little shops selling handmade jewellery, vintage shops (with some real bargains – the boyfriend bagged himself a Pringle jumper for just £8 from Cow), fancy dress stores (browse thoroughly to get the best deals), and of course clothing my personal favourite was LOELA)…. and that’s just a few! I bought an amazing feather ring from Forage… which I then proceeded to lose on Monday (remembered why I don’t buy/wear rings!). Sob sob! You can try the odd bit of bartering too. If you really like something just say you haven’t got enough cash on you… see if they’ll go down, walk away if they don’t, you can come back later and pay full price if you really want it, or try the whole thing again! 😉

A small insight into the Glasto Shopping Experience

We always like to embrace the fact you can get away with ANYTHING at festivals and decided to go with Superheroes as our theme. Jo was her own eccentric superhero, wearing a handmade cape and pink sequin dress. I was more mainstream as Wonder Woman; quite amusing when every person you walk pass exclaims ‘WONDER WOMAN!’. Make sure you take lots of glitter, neon paint and stick on stars/bindis/sequins… you won’t regret it. Elbow asked the crowd to shout if they hadn’t kissed someone wearing glitter in the past few days and the crowd was totally silent!

Fancy Dress Superheroes!

It was very muddy for the first few days but the sun came out on Sunday which was amazing! Denim shorts seem like such typical festival poser gear, but they are honestly so good at a muddy festival. Muddy jeans are awful but you can team denim shorts with tights if it’s cold (and if they get muddy you just throw them away) or go bare legged if the sun comes out, and they also take up very little room in your rucksack. Yes I say rucksack, please leave  the wheelie suitcase at home, as their tiny wheels make no movement in the mud!

Working the flower headband, vest top, denim shorts and wellies combo.

I’m planning a ‘What to take to a Festival’ vlog so keep a lookout/subscribe to my YouTube channel here if you’d like more info.

Did you go to Glasto? Have you got any festival recommendations? Let me know by leaving a comment 🙂