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NOTW: Nude Sparkles

13 Nov

Here are my nails of the week, I love the juxtaposition of three coats of sensible nude with an impulsive sweep of glitter at the end!

The polishes are: Nude Beige by Models Own – this looks very different in the bottle – much more pinky! And Disco Ball by Rimmel:

And the knuckle ring is from the Etsy shop ModernMeetsWhimsy, who do some seriously cute dainty pieces. I’m also loving this Love Me Knot Ring (£12)!

What polish are you wearing this week?

LDNshopaholic xxx

NOTD: Christmas Sparkles

24 Dec

Christmas is upon us! I’m a bit of a sucker for a theme so my outfits of late have consisted of Christmas jumpers, fair isle leggings, a lot of red velvet and my Primark snowman socks! And why should nails be left out? I decided to let them join in by giving them a bit of Christmas Sparkle:

Here’s what I used to create the sparkly nail look:

I started with a coat of Rimmel Lycra Pro in 421 Clearly Clear as a base coat.

I then applied 2 coats of Rimmel Lycra Pro in 391 Celebrity Bash.

Then I added 17 Glitter Top Coat to the top two- thirds of each nail, and used a regular paint brush to add the Stargazer Glitter Shaker in Copper to the tip of the nail and graduated it down towards the base of the nail.I did this for each nail one at a time so that the 17 Glitter Top Coat wouldn’t dry while I added the Stargazer Glitter to each nail.

I finished them off with one coat of Rimmel Pro SuperWear Ultrashine Topcoat and TA DA:

The sparkles don’t fully come across in the photos, but they really are quite dazzling without being too over the top. I love the Stargazer Glitter (also featured in my Accent Nail post):

As you can probably tell I’m also a huge fan of the Rimmel Lycra Pro range, which I reviewed here. I don’t really buy any other nail varnish as nothing else compares!

What have you been wearing on your nails this festive season?

Merry Christmas everyone!

LDNshopaholic xxx

Trendwatch: The Accent Nail

9 Aug

So I’m a tiny bit late getting on this bandwagon… my excuse is that I was waiting for the right colour combination which just happened to come along in the 50% off deal that ELF were having.

It consists of the shades Mod Mauve and Copper (usually £1.50 but an extra bargainous 75p on the offer – amazing!)

I felt it needed a little extra (and I’m a glitter fiend as you know) so topped up the accent with some Stargazer Glitter which I just happened to have in the exact same colour!

And this is the final result – left without flash, right with flash:

I’m absolutely loving my ring finger bling! I keep oohing and aahing everything I look at my nails. I can’t help but think we need the little things to help us keep smiling with everything that’s being going on in London and throughout the UK this week with the riots.

For 75p the nail varnishes were really good – although I did have to use three coats rather than my usual two and I’m not sure about staying power yet (will keep you updated).

Have you tried the accent nail trend yet? I’m slightly stumped about colour combos so I’d love it if you could recommend me any!

Please stay safe wherever you are,

LDNshopaholic xxx


7 Jul

Like most girls, I have a slight obsession with all that glitters… whether it’s sequins, diamonds I can’t afford or the latest Barry M fine glitter dust.

So when I was away in New York I thought I’d take advantage of the reduced NYX prices in Urban Outfitters and bought TWO Glitter Cream Palettes (or GCP’s to you NYX lovers) as I’d been eyeing them up for a while.

I got them for a bargainous $6 each (£4) whereas in the UK they retail at around £8 and I was blown away by the choice of colours:

In the end I chose Royal Violets and Ocean Breeze. I got to fully test out these lovelies at Glastonbury Festival and boy did I love them!

The fact that they are a glitter cream means it’s incredibly easy to apply with no chance of fall out or spillage. The colours are absolutely gorgeous, and the combinations compliment each other beautifully. When wearing Ocean Breeze I go for a darker blue glitter on my lid and then a light blue one along my lower lashline, which really opens up the eye.

Swatched L – R as above. Royal Violets light purple across to silver, and Ocean Breeze light silvery blue to turquoise:

(Sorry about the photo quality, it would appear my camera doesn’t like glitter as much as I do!)

The glitter does go on in a ‘lighter’ fashion than others I’ve tried, so you get a softer look. I used the gold from Royal Violets all over my eye area (and well on to my cheeks, brow bone, etc.!) when I was Wonder Woman and it worked in just the way I hoped. I would say if you are wanting more of a striking glitter, this isn’t the best one to use, as layering it up doesn’t work too well. Also these only work a few times before ‘losing their sparkle’. After five days at Glasto, which to be fair involves quite a bit of glitter, there wasn’t too much left.

So because of it’s short life span, I’m not sure whether they are worth £8. However, some of the palettes have been reduced to £4 in the UK Urban Outfitters Sale – find them here! And to really get your money’s worth I’d recommend going all out and getting the GCCP – GIGANTIC Glitter Cream Palette (£18) – so much glitter, so litte time!

What are your favourite glitter products? I’m still a sucker for my Barry M fine glitter dust combined with a bit of Vaseline on the eyelid! Also this is my first time trying out NYX, so I’d been keen to know your NYX favourites.

LDNshopaholic xxx

p.s. I also mention the palettes in my latest vlog:


16 Jun

Sephora is one of my favourite beauty shops but alas is no longer in the UK. So when I came across one in Union Square (Manhattan), I rushed straight in! I absolutely love their eyeliners which come in every colour you could ever need.

I honestly couldn’t decide which one I wanted, and it all got very complicated when they had about 16 different types of eyeliner as well!

So I created this piece of art whilst testing out all the colours/types I liked:

And I whittled it down to six (I had to stock up until my next visit to the States obviously!)

Not the best photo but you get the idea!

And swatches:

Top to bottom:

Crayon Jumbo 12HR wear in 09 Kaki – lovely creamy crayon which smudges on beautifully (not impressed with the American spelling of khaki though!).

Long-lasting Eyeliner in Glitter Kaki – subtle glitter liquid liner but the glitter doesn’t show up much in this photo 😦

Retractable Eyeliner in 16 Teal – fab waterproof eyeliner, comes with smudger but is really soft as it is.

Liner Electro in 06 Electro Marine – this is a bit harder and more of a pencil rather than my usual kohl, but I loved the colour.

Nano Eye Pencil in 17 Lagoon – this metallic blue is gorgeous, and the pencil is really soft and easy to apply.

Retractable Eyeliner in 19 Shimmer Navy – (as above – teal)

Prices vary from $8-$12 (much cheaper than MAC, my usual eyeliner haunt).

And I’ve already tried out a couple of looks:

Here I used the two khaki liners to create a metallic smokey eye look which I love! For the day I just used the kaki crayon along the lash line, smudging it with a bit of black eyeliner and in the evening added a line of the glitter liquid liner under my eye and on the lid too. It was pretty and dark at the same time!

I also attended a wedding last weekend and the Nano in Lagoon matched my sari perfectly:

I do apologise for the scarily intense glare…! I teamed the lovely liner with Barry M’s Dazzle Dust on the lid (it’s a blue-y teal colour… but the product number has rubbed off! I’ll try and track it down and edit this ASAP). I used my E.L.F. black gel liner, YSL Faux Cils mascara and E.L.F. fake lashes to finish the look.

I also splashed out on a few new ‘professional’ brushes (eeee!):

I bought (top to bottom) rounded smudger, smudge and all over shadow. They were $15 each but well worth it with the amount of smudging/blending I get up to these days! The brushes are really soft to the touch, but just the right hardness for a good smudging. The all over shadow brush is pretty massive, but really good for applying even eyeshadow.

How I wish Sephora would return to the UK… but I guess my bank account is much better off without it! Have you got any Sephora favourites? Are you an eyeliner fiend like myself? I’d love to know!