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OOTD: Layered Up

3 Dec

So today is a layered up day… it’s got so cold in London town this is a necessity right now! I borrowed my Dad’s cashmere scarf which happens to be tartan (what a trendsetter!) and paired it with some double denim!double denimthai beaded necklacesvintage brown bootsface of the dayTartan Scarf : Dad’s!

Denim Shirt: Zara

American Flag Cross tee (worn under denim shirt): Primark

Navy Jamie Janes: Topshop

Wine Oversized Cardigan: H&M

Beaded Necklace: Bangkok Street Seller

Well worn tan boots: Lotus Hallmark

Lipstick: Crush by Sephora

Do you ever borrow your family’s clothing/accessories?! And what are you thoughts on double denim? I know it’s a bit of love/hate topic!


Shop: Flowers at Birksen

29 Nov

Welcome to my new feature… independent shop of the week. I’m so excited about this as there are so many lovely little places around London and the UK! This week is Birksen in Clapham Old Town. Not only are they an amazing florist, they also sell vintage furniture and lovely homeware.

I stumbled upon Birksen whilst househunting around Clapham Common and fell in love! Can’t wait to visit again and buy something for my place when I find it (maybe the reindeer fairisle door stop!).Check them out when you’re next in the area, or even better go out of your way to see them whenever you can!

Have you got a favourite independent shop? Let me know, as I’d love to visit.

Bonjour Paris

23 Feb

So here are some VERY belated photos from my trip to Paris the week before Christmas (better late than never right?!). We stayed very near the department store Galeries Lafayette, where they had a huge Christmas tree hanging in their beautiful domed ceiling for the Festive season. In their gift section, I discovered the biggest jar of Nutella…. I really wanted it but I decided there wasn’t enough room in my suitcase (sad times)! Outside there was a street pianist, with a proper piano! The music was beautiful and really set the scene.

We did all the sights, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre… and the pastry shops and the vintage shops! Thanks for the recommendations you sent me on Twitter, I was blown away by the vintage Chanel and Hermés at Didier Ludot:

Paris Outfit of the Day:

Coat: Miss Selfridge

Jeans: Leigh from Topshop

Bag: Mulberry Bayswater

Scarf: H&M

Gloves: Mulberry

Tiger Print Studded Cardigan: Topshop

 I was generally being quite controlled with shopping during my trip, but it all went a bit pear-shaped on entry to Sephora… details in the haul video below!

We watched Amelié whilst we were there, but didn’t get a chance to visit Montmatre (where the film is set) so I’d love to go back when it’s a bit warmer to visit.

Have you had the chance to visit la belle Paris? What are your favourite Paris haunts/shops?

LDNshopaholic xxx

p.s. if you enjoyed this post you will most probably love this post by Becky from Life Style Flash about her recent trip to Paris 🙂

Like Me!

22 Jul

You may have noticed a few new appearances on the right side of my page. Firstly, I now have a Facebook page which you can ‘like’ and thus will be kept informed of any new posts via your news feed. It would be lovely to have some Facebook ‘fans’ so if you enjoy my blog then feel free to ‘like’ me!

I’ve also added a YouTube button which means you can get directly to my channel from here. If you like my videos then do subscribe. I’d also really love to hear any suggestions for upcoming videos.

I’m now also a fully fledged member of iFabbo aka ‘International Organization for Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers’ which is very exciting. Hopefully I’ll get to meet some other bloggers at their events and get some tips for my blog.

Here’s a quick outfit of the day which fully shows off my frizzy hair courtesy of Dove Oil Care Treatment Conditioner!





1 Jul

As some of you may know, I went off to Glastonbury last week so I thought I’d share some photos and festival tips with you all.

We camped in Oxylers, near the Other Stage so we could hear bands performing from camp with was fab :-). It’s awesome to get to know those camping around you, and generally sit on out camp chairs and have a good old chat or drinking game! Try to find a spot not too close to a mud path, as there’s a high chance of getting a flooded tent. Also lookout for markers such as flags near you camp so you can find it easily at night time. It’s convenient to be near toilets, but sometimes it’s not worth the smell, so be aware of this as it only gets worse as the days go on!

Our Campsite - Oxylers

The shopping experience at Glasto is like no other, there are quirky little shops selling handmade jewellery, vintage shops (with some real bargains – the boyfriend bagged himself a Pringle jumper for just £8 from Cow), fancy dress stores (browse thoroughly to get the best deals), and of course clothing my personal favourite was LOELA)…. and that’s just a few! I bought an amazing feather ring from Forage… which I then proceeded to lose on Monday (remembered why I don’t buy/wear rings!). Sob sob! You can try the odd bit of bartering too. If you really like something just say you haven’t got enough cash on you… see if they’ll go down, walk away if they don’t, you can come back later and pay full price if you really want it, or try the whole thing again! 😉

A small insight into the Glasto Shopping Experience

We always like to embrace the fact you can get away with ANYTHING at festivals and decided to go with Superheroes as our theme. Jo was her own eccentric superhero, wearing a handmade cape and pink sequin dress. I was more mainstream as Wonder Woman; quite amusing when every person you walk pass exclaims ‘WONDER WOMAN!’. Make sure you take lots of glitter, neon paint and stick on stars/bindis/sequins… you won’t regret it. Elbow asked the crowd to shout if they hadn’t kissed someone wearing glitter in the past few days and the crowd was totally silent!

Fancy Dress Superheroes!

It was very muddy for the first few days but the sun came out on Sunday which was amazing! Denim shorts seem like such typical festival poser gear, but they are honestly so good at a muddy festival. Muddy jeans are awful but you can team denim shorts with tights if it’s cold (and if they get muddy you just throw them away) or go bare legged if the sun comes out, and they also take up very little room in your rucksack. Yes I say rucksack, please leave  the wheelie suitcase at home, as their tiny wheels make no movement in the mud!

Working the flower headband, vest top, denim shorts and wellies combo.

I’m planning a ‘What to take to a Festival’ vlog so keep a lookout/subscribe to my YouTube channel here if you’d like more info.

Did you go to Glasto? Have you got any festival recommendations? Let me know by leaving a comment 🙂

Screaming Mimi’s!

15 Jun

As promised I’m continuing to document my New York vintage shopping experience. This time it’s the FABULOUS Screaming Mimi’s which can also be found on the Lower East Side.

I couldn’t help but love this place from the moment I walked in. I mean who doesn’t love being greeted by shoes?

And I can’t help but mention the signed Manolo Blahniks they have on their site for $1800! Their selection of jewellery is amazing, and all colour coordinated:

There is pretty much everything you could ever want from a vintage store, from organisation by era, a great selection of designer pieces and even the odd top hat ($75):

I also loved the simple but effective decor in store, it’s actually pretty massive, and a real treasure trove:

Being the magpie I am, I couldn’t help but spot this sparkly suit (I think it was around $80), I would’ve snapped it up if I could think of the right occasion!

And I also found this gorgeous YSL scarf which was in superb condition ($150):

Kind of wish I’d bought it!!! But I was being very controlled.

As you can probably tell I loved this place. It also might have helped that I’d just eaten a yummy crepe and thus was in a really good mood, but I honestly thought the selection here was brilliant and the pricing was pretty reasonable. Also, the quality of most garments was excellent. I didn’t feel pressured by any of the staff, who offered help and were generally smiley. I’d definitely recommend you stopping by this place if you’re in New York, and do let me know if you buy anything!

Vintage on the Lower East Side

13 Jun

I’m a bit of a vintage junkie so I did my best to find vintage haunts in New York. My first stop was the Lower East Side, walking distance from where I was staying (how convenient!).

I set my sights on Edith Machinist, I’d read and heard a lot about it and couldn’t wait to get my mitts on the some vintage goodies.

Walking down the stairs everything looked so well organised, I felt I was in a boutique rather than a vintage store:

There was a particularly brilliant selection of shoes, bags and belts. However, I missed the ‘rummage’ and the joy at finding something at the bottom of the $1 basket. The boutique-ness of it meant the prices were inflated (in my opinion) and I kind of felt like the sales people were watching my every move, and I felt a little pressured to buy something.

I tried on a few pairs of boots but luckily (for my bank balance) didn’t find anything in my size. I totally fell in love with these bad boys though!

To be fair, they were selling rather a lot of vintage designer which might have been why the prices were a bit more than I’m used to. I really liked this Jean Paul Gaultier dress, but just couldn’t justify the $180 price tag:

I’d say if you’re looking for a particular vintage piece, or have a lust for designer vintage this would be a great place to go. It’s also a good place to go for design/styling inspiration. But if you’re more of a jumble sale veteran/bargain hunter this isn’t the place for you.

Take at least $100 if not $200 (£60-100), if you’re on the hunt for something here… it could be well worth it if you find a vintage Dior dress or Chanel sunglasses.

There’ll be more vintage from the Lower East Side coming tomorrow fellow shopaholics! xxx

The Oxfam Curiosity Shop at Selfridges, London

11 Apr

The Oxfam Curiosity Shop… another curios to add to le blog! Having read about it online, and being the charity shop lover that I am, I HAD to visit it, even though I’ve had a busy busy week! And I certainly wasn’t let down by its wonders!

I stepped through the doorway and fell down the rabbit hole into my very own wonderland. There were gorgeous good quality second-hand clothes all around!

Apart from the range of vintage clothing, I loved the curios set up. The inclusion of comics, records, patterns, board games and homeware really gave the pop up store it’s own personality.

The only hint of it being in Selfridges was the impeccable sales staff who let me put about fourteen items aside to try on later (my arm was hurting!) whilst I shopped around for a little longer!

It was at this point I discovered the celebrity donations store:

In here were all kind of goodies pre-loved by celebrities such as Annie Lennox, Kate Moss, Scarlett Johansson and Dannii Minogue. My favourite was Colin Firth’s aviator jacket, priced at £950, I couldn’t afford to buy it for my boyfriend, so made do with sniffing it thoroughly and I can tell you Mr Firth smells just as good as he looks!

A more reasonable purchase were French Sole pumps donated by Natalie Imbruglia (£75):

They were so unbelievably cute, looked new and cheaper than French Sole, but sadly were a little bit tight for me.

Moving onto greener pastures I eyed up a peach jacket (and I’m actually in need of a Summer jacket!). It turned out it was MULBERRY and pre-loved by stylista Alexa Chung!

However, I couldn’t justify purchasing it seeing as I’m meant to be saving for travels… so I quickly put it back on the hanger and tried on these more affordable numbers instead:

The two jackets were £20 each (LOVED them both), the floral dress was £25 (bought it as I convinced myself I need summer work wear!) and the striped dress was reduced to £30 from £40 (decided I wasn’t statuesque enough to pull it off…). All quite reasonable for proper vintage pieces.

I fell in love with the silver 80’s jacket, particularly fabric and tailoring from behind and just had to have it!

I also found a jacket more suited to everyday wear (£45), which I justified buying with the pound per wear rule.

I’ve already worn it three times so think I’m well on track! I also bought a lovely pink and purple silk scarf for £15 which I shall have to take some photos of.

So for £105, I bagged myself 2 jackets, a dress and scarf. A little pricey compared to average charity shop, but MUCH cheaper than buying stuff new!

I happened to be there when A Girl, A Style and Liberty London Girl were styling up some models. I think they definitely did the best job out of the lot.

I didn’t realise the styling sessions were on or I totally would’ve got involved!

It was such a fabulous second-hand shopping experience, and nice to know that the money raised was going to such a good cause. I was really impressed with all the celebrity involvement, as well as the brilliant location. It’s in its second year now, and I was so happy to be told it’s definitely going to be a regular event. So if you didn’t make it down this year, don’t worry, just keep an eye out for the next Curiosity Shop!

Trendwatch: ’70s Style

15 Mar

It’s gradually been becoming more obvious that Spring/Summer 2011 is going to be ALL about the Seventies. From high waisted jeans to palazzo pants, collared shirts to shirt dresses, floppy hats to oversized sunglasses. It feels as though there’s been a Seventies explosion all along the high street.

The real statement pieces are the trousers, and these shapes are not for the faint hearted! My personal favourites are (L-R) Topshop Brown Pleated Extreme Wide Leg Trousers (for play), Vero Moda Flare Jeans (casual cool) and  Topshop Rose Seventies Wide Leg Trousers (for work). To wear these you really do have ‘go for it’ and embrace the trend, generally from top to toe. The jeans are more wearable, but how much fun are the wide legs?!

To make the most of these leg-endary trousers (see what I did there?!), elongate the leg with a chunky block heel or wedge. These are both comfortable and chic, making us feel a little less swamped by the grandeur. Browns such as Camel and Tan are all the rage, and really work well, but you could mix it up with a splash of colour too. I heart the Miss Selfridge Kenah Tan and Red Heel (right) which also come in Orange, Aldo Spiney T-Bar Espadrilles (top left) and Blowfish Garren Cork Shoe (bottom left).

The blouse has been a staple piece for Autumn/Winter 2010, and the 70’s trend embraces our new found love for them. Blouses such as Vero Moda’s Winter Paisley Blouse (right) and Paisley Ruffle Front Blouse (left) are a great way to take this trend to the office, tucked into a pencil skirt and could also be dressed down with jeans. For a more casual look check out Topshop’s Knitted Spacedye Top (centre) which would look great with jeans or wide legs <3.

70’s accessories are just fabulous, whether it’s an ASOS oversized felt hat or HUGE Miu Miu square sunglasses, they are pure joy! Miss Selfridge are doing some gorgeous bits, I particularly like these gold earrings, dreamcatcher earrings, embellished handbag and tan scarf.

If you don’t want to spend too much money, then a great way of wearing this trend is buying a simple camel t-shirt or vest top and teaming with a couple of on trend accessories. Have a look around charity shops for some bargain 70’s earrings, or rifle through you Mum/Aunt’s wardrobes to see what goodies you can find!

Now it’s going to sound like I’m plugging them… haha… but Miss Selfridge have started selling ‘looks’ and I can’t help but love this boho combo which comes in at a reasonable £130:

Mustard knit, pale blue collared shirt, brown suede shorts, wedge sandals… altogether now *ahhh*. The look is kept current with the addition of grey cable socks and more structured/less floppy hat, which counteract what could have been homage to being a Brownie.

After eyeing up all this 70s glory, I think I may have to head out and buy myself some palazzo pants, THAT topshop knit…. and perhaps some chunky tan heels to go with…. oh dear!!

The Harlequin Tea Room and Curios

27 Feb

I feel a shopping blog post is well overdue, so today I’ll be blogging about one of my favourite places in the whole world, The Harlequin Tea Room and Curios in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. It’s a bit of a trek from London, I know, but well worth it and you can visit the beautiful Cotswolds while you’re at it (and there are loads of great charity shops in the area too!).

This unique little shop is full of weird and wonderful goodies, it’s got vintage, it’s got foreign, it’s got character AND it’s got tea, cake and sandwiches! What more could anyone want?

Enticing you in, the shop window has all sorts of eccentric items on display from cake stands to vintage fabric and leather goods. Stepping into the store you’re greeted by an array of cushions, knick-knacks, clothing and memorabilia.

For those curious (pardon the pun) about what exactly a curios is… the definition of a curio is: A strange and interesting object which invokes curiosity or something (as a decorative object)considered novel, rare, or bizarre. So my understanding of a curios is the either: more than one curio, or a place where curios are kept.

As you can see it’s a bit of a treasure trove! In their glove basket I found some really cute brown sheepskin mittens for £7.50, a bargain compared to ASOS’s pair (£36 now £21).

The cabinets display beautiful ornaments and jewellery, I particularly liked some art deco drop earrings priced at £20, and the soldier bottle opener made me smile.

They have a good selection of vintage pearls (my personal favourite), and also stock kooky vintage/retro glasses (the ones below are £50, a little steep, but cheap compared to a designer pair).

They also have various pieces of vintage clothing, from a pink coat with a leopard print trim and baby blue lace cape to Victorian nightdresses and Indian sari’s. I’d say prices equal London vintage shops, but here you’re getting a unique shopping experience to go with.

What tops it off for me is the ambience. There’s 40’s music playing, each table and chair is different and unique, as is the crockery (their collection of teapots is unbelievable!). I feel like I’ve been whisked off to another era, where factories don’t exist and craftsmanship does. It’s cosy, homely and… fabulous!

We ended our visit with a pot of tea for two and a slice of cherry shortbread. We were so keen that I forgot to take a before picture, so here’s the after! An afternoon of fun for only £5.60, not often you get that nowadays!

Want to visit The Harlequin Tea Room and Curios? You can find it at 270 Cheltenham High Street (near-ish The Brewery). You can contact them on 01242 252 933 if you are looking for a particular Curio, or just want to know their opening hours.