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Trendwatch: The Carrie’s Back!

26 Jul

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know of my fondness for a certain pleated midi skirt. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times now… here and here!

Yes people, I’m talking about THE Carrie skirt from Whistles. It’s been all the rage this Spring/Summer, and it looks like it’s still going be big this Autumn/Winter!! You have no idea how excited this makes me!

AND… before it’s even out in the shops/online, we’ve got a sneak preview of an even newer Carrie (which will be available later this week)… *oooh the suspense*

Yes, leopard print! I just know this is going to look ever so chic as we all start falling back on black cashmere tops/jumpers/cardigans for A/W. Additionally, we haven’t really been able to team brights with the highlighter yellow, blue and pink Carrie’s, but now we can wear practically any shade with this classic print.

If leopard print is not your cup of tea, do not fret, it’s also available in a FABULOUS new colour:

Shame about the model’s pose/stance, but don’t you just love it? I hate to admit it… but I think I might like the red more than the pink… and yes, I do indeed own the pink!

On the downside, due to the sheer popularity, the price has gone from £110 to £125. I think it’s still reasonable for such a high quality piece, which honestly makes you feel like proper lady.

I just can’t wait to style up the pleated midi when the weather gets chilly. An oversized jumper, a skinny waistbelt, some chunky tights, a sturdy pair of heeled boots … ahh!

What do you make of the print and new colour? Are you still loving the trend or have you had enough? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

LDNshopaholic xxx

The Whistles Carrie Skirt is MINE!

18 Apr

O.M.G. I only went and bought myself THE Carrie skirt!

I’d pretty much written it off, I’m MEANT to be saving for travelling, I’d never track it down in my size/the coral colour I wanted etc. It just wasn’t meant to be (the logic I like to use when something I really want cannot be had for one reason or another).

But let me start from the beginning….

I decided to pay a visit to Whistles on Saturday afternoon, just to see whether they had the skirt… to see what all the fuss was about… (I mean, I hadn’t paid enough attention to it on the Whistles staff member I met at the Westfield Golden Ticket Event as the free beverages had got the better of me!). So, I stepped in the store and had my very first Whistles shopping experience. And it was nice!

I know I know… nice? In my years of studying English, I’ve continuously been told that nice is a word that should never be used… but this is the only word I can think of to describe it. The store is ever so light and airy. There’s pleasant music filling my ears. Just the right amount of stock is on display to make me want to look at everything and not feel overwhelmed at all.

A sunshine yellow, coral pink or highlighter blue skirt would jump out at me… so looking around the small-ish store, I’m sad when it’s clear they don’t have any. Instead I decide to go and fall in love with the Coral Angora Jumper (£85). Turns out its the same one in the picture I posted of the Taupe Carrie Skirt (only just realised this).

I take it off the rack… size 10 (it’s meant to be oversized right?!), it feels ever so soft against my skin and the colour is lush. The fitting rooms are amazing with these thick curtains and expensive furniture. The jumper comes up a little too oversized… so I head over to the till… politely asking the sales girl: ‘do you have this in a size 8?’, off she goes… ‘No, sorry’ is announced on her return, which results in a sad yet relieved face from me (it’s just not meant to be).

Seeing as I now have her attention, and they most definitely don’t have the skirt (it would be out on show surely), I ask: ‘Have you had any of the Carrie skirt in?’…. ‘We have one in’ she responds quickly…. My jaw drops. ‘We didn’t actually get any but Someone JUST returned it, she ordered it online thinking it was the shorter version!’ She takes me over to where it is…. but there it is not, resulting again in a sad yet relieved expression (’twas not meant to be).

‘I think someone’s trying it on’ she says kindly (again… not meant to be)…. I want to see it (just see it…. not buy it…. definitely NOT BUY IT) so I linger…. the lovely attentive sales girl asks whether I want her to ask the woman trying it on if she wants it…. my head is saying no, but my heart is saying YES YES YES! I accidentally nod my head. Totally accidental.

SHE. DOESN’T. WANT. IT. And then I see it for the very first time… in its glorious beauty… the coral colour, the pleats, the layers of fabric mingling in the soft light…..

‘Do you want to try it on?’ lovely sales girl asks politely. It’s a size 6…. definitely not going to fit me (sad-yet-relieved-it’s-not-meant-to-be expression once more). Suuure why not spend a few more moments in the company of the IT skirt of the season.

I step into the luxurious changing room, take off my Topshop skinny jeans and black leather boots. ‘It’s fine… it’s not going to fit’, I say to myself. I try doing it up… and the zip gets STUCK….. the beautiful sheer layer has caught…. no no NO NO! Lovely sales girl is sneakily eyeing me up semi-naked in the fitting room spotting my difficulty asking, ‘how is it?’. ‘IT’S STUCK!!’ I yelp. She comes to the rescue and sorts the problem out presto. IT FITS. IT BLOODY WELL FITS!

It’s okay, as I have the boyfriend with me, who doesn’t comprehend ‘weird’ fashion trends (his words) such as the midi pleated skirt. He will definitely say I look AWFUL… and that with £110 he could buy some really good headphones or something….

So I step outside, waiting for a guffaw or eye roll. But there he is sat on the expensive furniture smiling. SMILING! He only goes and says I look elegant and how I need to find the right occasion to wear it (occasion… who needs an occasion?!?). I think he must be joking… but no, he actually likes it. And how often do straight men like trends that don’t involve bodycon dresses and hooker heels?!

So…. with everything coming together in such a way…. I decide maybe this time…. it is meant to be. Stepping towards the till, I say I’m going to get it. It’s a little long on my petite frame but what the hell. I WANT IT… no! I NEED IT! Then MY skirt gets wrapped in Whistles tissue paper and put in a fancy Whistles bag. I feel special, out of all the women trying to track it down… the Carrie chose me!

Trendwatch: The Midi Pleated Skirt

12 Apr

It was waaaay back in September that the midi pleated skirt appeared on the catwalks of London, Paris, New York and Milan. My particular favourites were at Chloé, Richard Nicoll and Yohji Yamamoto (L-R).

Ever since I’ve wanted to blog about this structured yet flowing S/S ’11 wardrobe staple, but the weather just wasn’t quite right. With the sun shining and temperatures soaring over the last few days, we’ve all felt that much more confident getting our legs out. But if you, like me, aren’t a fan of the sudden jump from jeans and leggings to mini-skirts and hotpants, then the midi is just for you! It’s a transitional piece that covers up enough whilst being ever so Spring/Summer.

On the high street the IT skirt is Whistles’s Carrie. I even stumbled upon a Carrie-skirt-wearing-Whistles-staff-member at The Golden Ticket Event at Westfield.

I love the taupe… but it also comes in a beautiful neon pink colour. Completely out of stock it can now be found selling on Ebay for about £150! Due to the incredible demand, Whistles are re-stocking the pink as well as adding lemon yellow and highlighter blue versions *sigh*.

At £110 and incredibly hard to track down in my size… I bought the ASOS Premium Pleated Midi Skirt instead (£40). It comes in a beautiful rust (probably more sensible for longevity), but I went for the pale blue for a more Summer-y feel.

The catwalk photos above show how versatile this skirt can be: dress it down with a slogan t-shirt and sturdy boots, wear it to work with a basic polo neck and flats or with a sheer top and heels for dinner/cocktails. But when tweeting for Trendwatch Tuesday ideas… a lot of people said they weren’t sure how to wear the midi, so I put together these two looks for us non-models:

For daytime I teamed my skirt with ASOS’s Strap Detail Body, Topshop Scarf (S/S ’10), Tan Ballet Pumps (Dune S/S ’10) and Topshop’s nod to Mulberry’s Alexa bag (S/S ’10). I kept accessories to a minimum, just wearing my Gold Casio Mini Digital Watch.

For a night time look I went for a classic cardigan and pearls look (one of my favourites!). I teamed the beautiful pale blue midi with a black vest, cropped Illustrated People Lover cardigan (£10 reduced from £40 in the Topshop sale last weekend!), three-strand vintage pearl necklace (£3 from a charity shop) and faux pearl bracelets (made from pearl beads and elastic bought from Hobbycraft). Pulling the look together is my beautiful Mulberry Bayswater in Black Soft Spongy Leather (still can’t believe that it’s mine!) and Office T-Bar Wedges (Circa 2006).

I felt so lady-like in a longer length skirt, and the high waist is incredibly flattering. I can’t wait to see how the pleated midi skirt fares through Autumn-Winter too, and look forward to styling it with thick knit tights, a chunky cardigan and a skinny belt! If there’s one KEY piece for Spring/Summer ’11 this is it! So get down to Whistles… or start browsing vintage stores for the perfect midi pleated skirt. I can promise that you won’t regret getting on this bandwagon!

Fashion Event: The Golden Ticket Event at Westfield London

7 Apr

So two consecutive Westfield posts…. it may be becoming my favourite shopping destination! Today I’m blogging about their Golden Ticket Event which took place on Tuesday night, which I can barely remember due to the copious amounts of free alcohol!

With promised discounts, freebies and cocktails, there were plenty of stylish people queuing to get in. I was pleased to see it was, as promised, an exclusive event, open only to ticket holders and felt rather important walking down the sparkly gold carpet!

The first bit of entertainment was a performance from up and coming girlband Parade. I presumed they were just another girl band with good looks and excellent styling (sequins, heels and leather shorts) but their acoustic version of Cee-Lo Green’s ‘Forget You’ really won me over. I also LOVED Lauren’s sequinned trousers, which she told me she bought from ASOS… but I can’t find them on there now booo!

Soon after the performance, fellow blogger Madison arrived and we headed straight to our favourite store… Mulberry! There was a lengthy queue, but we were kept occupied by free booze and people watching. Here we had the opportunity to win a Mulberry Tillie *sigh* and experience the Mulberry photo booth which was great fun (as you can tell!).

Hershesons were on hand to let us try on wigs and hair pieces. As Madison and I have too much hair to consider either… we tried on some coloured streaks and hair bows instead!

There was a sudden commotion and we realised it was none other than Naomi Campbell opening her pop-up store Fashion for Relief. We attempted to use our blogging credentials to get into the private party and failed, whilst Sophie Ellis-Bextor swanned straight in… ah well!

Having had 3 cocktails, 2 glasses of champagne and a tequila shot (I never drink tequila unless I’m TOTALLY wasted)… food was a necessity and we managed to get our hands on one mini fruit tart and a mini eclair (a nutritious dinner or what?!). Alcohol + mini desserts = ridiculously happy bloggers.

We then stumbled upon some more entertainment in the form of erotic ballet dancing. What amused me most was the religious looking lady covering her son’s eyes in the middle picture… haha!

We headed towards Toywatch to enter their competition and on the way introduced ourselves to blogger and DJ Bip Ling who was wearing AMAZING floral wedge shoes… which the security guard taking the photo clearly didn’t notice….!

Grabbing another glass of champagne we headed to Kurt Geiger… most definitely a dangerous activity when under the influence of this much alcohol. I literally fell in LOVE with a pair of shoes… yes I may have had beer-goggles on… but I’m sure they were THE ONES. They were comfy(ish) 5 inch heels, which could be worn both day AND night. The price was a less attractive £120. I drunkenly tried to persuade the salesman to give me a discount at which point he told me they’d closed 10 minutes ago… Whoops!

Stumbling out of the store, I had the dutch courage to ask complete strangers whether they’d like to appear on my blog for being their stylish selves… these two sets of ladies were my particular favourites.

On the left are the beautiful ladies who work at Whistles, Westfield… I loved the pleat skirt combined with the leopard print platforms and vintage scarf. On the right were some lovely girls also enjoying the free booze as it was one of their birthday’s. Wearing a midi high-waisted skirt, moccasins, timeless Mulberry Bayswater AND a bright blouse…. what trendsetters!

The evening had flown by and I must say Westfield London certainly know how to throw a party. It was a fabulous night… even if I only partially remember it!